Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering, Pilsen

Education based on electrotechnical engineering, electronics, electrical installations and automation technology.

Secondary Vocational School of Electrical Engineering in Pilsen is a school of a complex system with theoretical and practical secondary education oriented at electrical engineering, electronics, electrical installations and automation technology. The school works as the Centre for Further Education in Electrical Engineering and is an authorised legal body following the Act on Validation of results of further education in professional qualifications 26-021-H Installer of lightning conductors, 26-020-H Installer of low-voltage devices, 26-019-H Installer of electrical switchboards, 26-018-H Installer of electrical networks, 26-017-H Installer of electrical installations.
The school offers its students a complex social programme, hotel-type housing with complete boarding and a choice of two meals.
At present, our secondary vocational school offers secondary education with a graduation exam and secondary education with a vocational certificate in the given subjects, as well as higher education for graduates who have completed their secondary education with a vocational certificate.
Education in all given subjects follows current requirements at the job market. The quality of education has risen significantly thanks to the integration of the school in national system projects such as UNIV, KVALITA 1 – New graduation exam, National Register of Qualification (NSK) and others. Our school has solved successfully projects such as European Social Fund (ESF), Operation Programme Education for Competitiveness (OPVK) , and Regional Operational Programme South-West (ROP JZ) and is a partner of other projects. It is also active in activities organized by the city of Pilsen.
Besides its own education, the school offers extensive activities for upgrade of their graduates’ professional qualification on the job market (professional competence in electro technical fields) in cooperation with the Electrical Engineering Guild of the Pilsen Region.
Our school holds short-term courses for adults as a part of Lifelong Learning for Adults:
– The Training Centre for Work under Voltage; EATON Educational Centre; Cisco Networking Academy Program; computing courses; ECDL and other.
We are members of significant professional associations and societies and are in close cooperation with significant employers in the region.
Motivation to study is enhanced through productive activities in practical teaching and at the social partners of the school. Long-term international partnerships and participation in mobility projects of the Erasmus+ project with partner schools in Germany, Slovakia and Croatia play a significant role in the life of the school.
Our school has established a school advisory centre to ensure teaching and psychological advisory and prevention of undesired negative phenomenons.
We run a school canteen offering the choice of two main meals and a hotel-type students’ dormitory (all in the school’s premises). All dormitory rooms are equipped with a connection to a high-speed internet. The school is easily accessible.
Classrooms, laboratories and special training rooms provide modern ICT technologies together with a high-speed internet connection.
After-school activities include a range of sports activities at the school’s premises (table tennis, foot tennis, volleyball, soccer etc.). Other and sports municipal activities (swimming pool, athletic stadium, theme amusement parks, etc.).

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