Basic information on the cluster

The Pilsen region is a region with exceptional historical industrial tradition, high level of vocational education and an excellent transport connection to neighbouring Bavaria. For our region, the development of Mechatronics is a logical way to build up on traditional disciplines, adapt them to modern trends and facilitate in increasing work productivity, particularly at the time when new technologies are changing the industry to such extent that we talk about the fourth industrial revolution. These changes have to be foreseen by both companies and the educational system or the society as a whole. Klastr MECHATRONIKA wants to be the platform of the Pilsen region, which will encourage the cooperation of all relevant bodies and allow the optimal use of all resources in the region. Thanks to this universally convenient partnership of companies, schools and regional institutions, we can overcome a number of limitations. These are difficult to surpass by isolated companies, as well as it is difficult to gain a competitive advantage, which will support the competitiveness of all members and the whole region within globalized economy.

Klastr MECHATRONIKA is designed as a platform for linking businesses with the public sector, especially with universities. One of the objectives of the cluster is to implement the concept of technical multilingual education at primary schools, followed by secondary schools and universities. The project is based on the idea of creating a virtual student enterprise, which would connect secondary schools within the region (in the target state including the ERDV), as well as schools and businesses, which have long-term interest to educate technically oriented students. Part of regular teaching at secondary schools is a specialized activity within the framework of a “virtual student enterprise“. It is managed professionally: by university teachers and experts from individual companies. This connects business entities with students directly. Another objective of the cluster is to support the transfer of knowledge from universities to businesses concerning small and medium-sized companies, especially helping to set up and digitalize commercial and production processes within the initiative Industry 4.0.