Comprehensive services in the field of education, training and testing of welding personnel

ŠKODA WELDING s.r.o. is a continuation of ŠKODA WELDING and is one of the leading institutions in the Czech Republic providing comprehensive services in the field of welder training, welder education and testing of welding personnel, inspection, consulting and business activities.

The Welding School, which is a member of the Czech Welding Society ANB and a member of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, has celebrated 95 years since its foundation and is now the largest institution of its kind in the Czech Republic in terms of the number of welders trained and the technologies trained. In newly equipped classrooms we carry out training and examinations of welders and senior welding personnel.

We offer professional training of welders, solderers and operators in all methods according to ČSN 05 0705; ČSN EN 287-6; ČSN EN ISO 9606-1, 2, 3, 4, 5; ČSN EN ISO 13585; ČSN EN ISO 14732.

We provide training and periodic re-testing of welders at the company’s headquarters, which is located in the scientific and technical park in Dobřany. Modern equipment, hygienic environment and instructors with great experience guarantee that the training of welders is carried out at a high level.




Průmyslová 1330
334 41 Dobřany,  +420 606 643 952