A private research organisation – metal materials

COMTES FHT a.s. is a private research organisation offering a wide range of services in the field of metal materials. This research centre was founded on the premise that success depends on the ability to raise the added value of cutting-edge products and develop new technologies. We strive to reach this by supporting industrial partners by implementing the results of research and development in practice.

The main concern of COMTES FHT a.s. is to provide professional services in research and development of metal materials. The core focus of our activities is the development of new metal materials and technologies for their processing. Concerning technology, the research of Comtes FHT lies mainly in forming and heat treatment processes.

COMTES FHT a. s. ensures complex activities in the following areas:

Preparation and solution of national and multinational research and investment projects
Department of metallurgy technologies focuses on research and development of basic metallurgy processes from the production of metal materials, through forming and cold and heat treatment, or heat and thermomechanical processing to refining and chemical and heat treatment. The typical output of our activities are new types of metal materials and complex technological procedures tailored to the needs of industrial companies.

The department of computer modelling offers services in the field of development or optimisation of constructions and technologies in virtual environments. Its activities can be divided into two main fields: development construction and simulation of manufacturing technologies.
Modelling enables very good prediction of processes in metal materials during the production of parts, as well as stressing during their operation. The most important modelled parameters are the distribution of heat, strain and stress, material flow, phase transformations and the character of tool stress.

Our Material analysis department provides an integral and one of the main components of our complex service in metallic materials. We regularly carry out analyses of aluminium alloys, copper alloys, steels of all kinds, super alloys, titanium alloys, etc., as well as metallographic and chemical displacement analyses, and analyses in macro-and micro-volumes, analyses of high purity materials and chemically very complex materials. Using electron microscopes, we carry out identifications of phases in standard and ultra-fine structures.

Regarding the number of used machines and devices, the department of mechanical testing and thermophysical measuring exceeds all other departments. Its activities include taking samples, production of testing objects, mechanical tests at a wide range of temperatures, stress, and speed of deformations and tests in various, often extreme, environments. We pay high attention to dynamic testing and measurements on very small samples. Thermophysical measuring is an important part of testing, which deliver data necessary for the modelling of correct calculations and true technological models.

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