RAPTECH, s.r.o.

RAPTECH, s.r.o. manufactures tools, molds, dies, fixtures, and machine parts on new CNC machines.


Raptech manufactures tools, molds, dies, fixtures, and machine parts on new CNC machines Hermle, HAAS and XYZ Machine Tools. We also offer cladding and surface heat treatment using laser, and repair and rebuilding of machine parts.

Laser technologies:

Raptech s.r.o. offers laser processing of material for both individual pieces and large-scale production. In addition to custom manufacturing, it also carries out laser technology development for specific customer applications. It uses many years of experience and state-of-the-art robot instrumentation and power lasers.

Additive manufacturing:

Raptech focuses on additive manufacturing processes. We carry out conventional 3D-printing using polymers, as well as printing of sizable parts of metal powders. The applications range from the manufacture of new products to the repair of used parts.

Research and development:

We develop new laser technologies and their applications. We sought new challenges where lasers can replace conventional technologies. We use years of experience in materials science, welding and heat treatment. According to customer specifications, we can prepare the prototypes, testing and demonstration samples, optimize technological processes, demonstrate final structural and mechanical properties.


RAPTECH, s.r.o.

Headquarters: U Vodárny 473, 330 08 ZRUČ-SENEC

Branch office: Pod Vranovou 273, 330 01 KYŠICE

Tel.: +420 728 988 828