První železářská společnost Kladno s.r.o.

Complete supply of investment units

První železářská společnost Kladno s.r.o.(First Steelmaking Company Kladno) is a machining company founded in June 1996, based on the tradition of the railway maintenance works Doprava Poldi. Its registered capital totals to CZK 56 million. It has 110 employees and it operates at its own production premises covering an area of 8,250 m2 in Kladno. The site is accessible by roads and it is served by rail siding. The company also owns a rail transfer station and stock premises on adjacent lots. The hall clearance profile is 8 x 8m.

The company delivers supplies of complete investment units and individual parts, namely for steelmaking and mining industries. It produces steel structures with various types of use and delivery sites. The company ensures precise machining on CNC machines, especially for steel works, mining industry, steel constructions and custom-made CNC machining.
It ensures design studies or proposals to production documentation, production, assembly, erection and subsequent maintenance of the installed equipment.

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Custom-made production, welding, Pressure containers, Production for building construction, Investement activities, design