LINTECH, spol. s r.o.

Laser technologies and industrial marking

Lintech was founded in 1993. We offer development of laser technology, building of single-purpose machines and customized production.
We also offer customized marking of products and parts, production of stamping dies, identification and production labels, including production of control panels and customized assembly of small-sized parts for electrical industry.
Lintech spol. s r.o. offers laser technologies and marking systems (laser marking, welding, cutting and drilling systems, micro-dot marking systems, electrochemical marking, punches, dies, and pneumatic punching machines). We sell laser technologies and applications: laser marking, welding, engraving, welding, cutting, and drilling. Services for customized marking (laser marking, engraving, marking of promotional items). We construct single-purpose machines, and produce industrial switchboards. We provide services in the field of production of non-standard punches and dies, various aluminium parts especially for electro technical industry, as well as customized repairs and adjustments of tools by laser welding and manual customized assembly of precise parts.


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