3Dwiser s.r.o.

Specialists in 3D printing and 3D scanning

3Dwiser was established in 2014 with the aim of offering professional and specialized services to demanding customers and companies in the dynamically developing 3D technology market. Our clients include a wide range of companies – from designers and drafters to architectural studios and design teams to universities, automotive companies and manufacturing plants across industry.

We are the first choice for 3D printing and 3D scanning

With the widest range of 3D technologies on the market, we can find the optimal solution tailored directly to you. We are long-standing 3D printing and 3D scanning specialists with a strong background.

We bring the best technologies

We deliver what we believe in – quality, reliable and versatile solutions. We carefully select and test all products before offering them to our customers.

We help you get the most out of 3D printing

We support technology development across the entire company. We take pride in the proper deployment of 3D technology in operations, deepening your team’s training.

We offer expertise and openness

Our 3D printers and 3D scanners won’t let you down. We pride ourselves on professionalism and openness – Come grow with us!

We bring globally proven technologies

We offer professional additive manufacturing (3D printing) solutions tailored to the most demanding requirements. We offer quality and proven 3D printers and accessories, 3D scanners, specialized software, consumables and professional services headed by custom 3D printing or training, service and technical support.


3Dwiser s.r.o.

Poděbradská 88/55, Hloubětín, 198 00  Praha 9 (Office Park Hloubětín)