Air Supply Solutions s.r.o.

Design, manufacture, service and innovation of air-brake compressors.

Air Supply Solutions s.r.o. company is a young international company established in 2016 by like-minded group. Our team has an essential experience in the field of compressor manufacturing both for railway rolling stock and for general industrial applications.

Our company designs, manufactures, maintains and upgrades air-brake compressors. We pay special attention to the proprietary systems of IMON control, diagnostic and monitoring.

Our international team gives us a possibility to operate at the markets of European Community, China, states of the Customs Union and CIS countries. We located production and service facilities in the indicated regions so that there is no external influence to supply and maintenance of our products.

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Tel: +420 773 022 142
Průmyslová 1299, 334 41 Dobřany